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This year’s Wishlist.   Lovely apron. Kawaii~~ Umbrella These pretty socks Pretty shoes This choker This bow pretty skirt

thats about it

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Upon veiwing this I almost vomitted. What have they done!!!Angelic pretty was my favorite brand but now im leaning more to baby the stars shine bright. The ruffles on the bodice are TERRIBLE!!!!!!The print I dont mind so much, I LOVE floral prints but i dont like the way the yellow roses look with the pink. A yellow “sun flower” theme dress with touches of pink like pink ribbons or something would be cute, but for some reason here i dislike it SOOO much. The headress is also abit to ruffley for my taste. The yellow JSK is very nice however I would wear it. The skirts (aside from the yellow) are lovely and I saw a few victorian maiden dresses last year that would match the bow very nicely.

Alltogether while there are some cute things with this set, I probley wont be buying any.

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A trip to the beach

Today I traveled to the beach agian, however after being stung by a sting ray yesterday I was not willing to get back into the water. Instead I followed my family to a small river on the edge of the beach, on the other side of the beach was a massive fortress of sorts created by giant rocks. Me and my brother and one of his friends clammbered up them and began leaping from rock to rock and climbing some of the largest rocks i had ever seen. I felt like an island princess, washed up on the beach one day and raised by nature and the animals and survives catching fish and eating fruit. I lost myself to this little world within my head, a world of pretend where I could be any kind of princess I wanted. Tommarow Ill return to this place with my camera.

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The older the wiser?

I have an elderly man whom is related to me living in my house with me, and I truely beleive age has no been kind to him and did not grant him wisdom, but rather stole it from him. All he ever does all day long is complain, complain, complain. He yells at our dogs, then he complains somemore! He is absolutely rude as well!He yells at my sister and tells her to shut up and she is but 4 years old! When I wear lolita he laughs at me! He is going to be dead probley next year the doctors say, but that is no excuse!He should leave us with memories of his kindness and sweetness, not in releif that he is gone and done complaining! We are taking him to paris this year because it is all that he wants to do bef0re he dies, good for me because i get to visit baby the stars shine bright there. I started getting allowance so i can buy a nice dress or two, but when my step father (who is an ugly evil bastard) gets back from work he will try to take it all away so that i am left with nothing. The adults here are all stupid! I cannot sip tea and read books on renaissance art peacefully  without someone YELLING at me that im “in there chair” or such or when my step dad tells me to do something and i cursey and reply “Hai oto-san!” he complains that im “being a smart ass” ahem?

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A pretty journal.

My name is Meghan and I began this blog because I wanted to form a little journal in which I can pour my deepest thoughts and feelings, since no one listens to me within my house, perhaps someone in the outside world will listen.

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